Day Out In Bodnant Gardens With The National Trust

Having a family day out on the weekends is one of my favorite things to do. As my partner works full time, it's always the weekend I look forward too as we can spend it all together. It can be hard sometimes as Mia goes to her Dad's on the weekend too but every other Sunday she is with us. A place I've always wanted to visit is Bodnant Gardens, so when I was asked a couple of weeks back if I was interested in visiting a National Trust Park during the school half-term holidays, I jumped at the chance and chose Bodnant Gardens. 

We went with friends and their kids. We were really lucky that is was such a lovely day, it rained a tiny bit for about a second but otherwise, the sun was out and it was beautiful. When we arrived, it was really busy. The car park is huge and we had to park right up at the top, which was probably about a 5-10 minute walk downhill and maybe a little longer uphill? Depending on how fast you can walk. There is a small wooden park for the kids half way, which the kids were excited to have a go in on the way back. 
When you arrive at the entrance, there is a cafe which looked lovely, but we didn't go in as we had all packed some lunch boxes and it was a little too early to have lunch. We walked past the cafe and down the path towards the main entrance of the garden and the place you pay. We were greeted with a warm welcome by the lovely people who work there, and I told her who I was, and we were in. As it was half term, they had some activities for the kids in a small colorful tent around the corner of the entrance. We started our walk into the garden. Firstly we went to see The Laburnum Arch. I didn't manage to get a photo of the whole place as there were so many people around but I managed to capture some other good photos. It was lovely, and the kids were amazed. 

As we headed further down, we walked around a bit and decided to go sit down to have some lunch. We sat on the grass, and a few other families did the same thing too. I am still super happy with how lucky we were with the weather. It was really nice being able to sit down and have lunch outdoors, with such beautiful, breathtaking sceneries around us. The kids started to play with frisbees and running around. I took the chance to take some photos of all three kids, which I am overly pleased with. 

After lunch, we headed down towards the rest of the garden. It was huge, we were given a map at the entrance too and so we were looking at that and there are so many paths to walk in the garden. Further we went the more stunning it was. The flowers, the trees and how everything was set out was lovely. Some trees were absolutely massive, the kids were amazed at how tall they were. The kids really did enjoy themselves. 

We walked towards The Far End of the garden where there was a little cafe with some hot and cold drinks and small snacks. The kids built their own den, and we stayed there for a little while before we noticed the time and decided to head back. On our way back, it was quite steep in some places, but the paths were suitable for prams. I had the UPPAbaby Vista, and our friend had a side by side double pram, they went up the paths completely fine. 

It was a fantastic day and a day we all really needed. It was lovely that we got to spend it with two friends and their kids too. The girls were exhausted at the end of the day. Here are just a few photos of our day (there is a lot!)

If you are interested in knowing more about Bodnant Gardens, you can read more here

* We were given a free pass into Bodnant Gardens by the lovely people at The National Trust. But, as always, all words, opinions, and images are entirely our own. 

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