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Both girls are now at the age where they have their own personalities, and one thing Mia absolutely loves having new shoes. Elliw is slowly getting to the stage where she has an interest in shoes too. When we were asked by Jake Shoes if we would be interested in reviewing a pair of shoes each for the girls, I instantly said yes. There's a great range of shoes to choose from, from shoes to trainers and different brands to choose such as Converse, Uggs, Heelys and more. They also sell shoes for kids and adults, as well as accessories too. The site is really easy to search for what you want to find. I knew both girls needed new trainers and so that's what I went to find. Mia got the white Converse trainers, and Elliw received some pink sparkly, light-up Sketchers that are super cute.

I got a size 12 in the Converse for Mia and they fit her perfectly. White isn't the perfect colour for kids but they were the ones I really liked for her and white go with any outfit. There is a wide range of colours to choose from such as pink, blue, navy and more. As expected, the canvas trainers are very good quality and I'm really pleased with them. Another reason I decided on these trainers for Mia is that she's been learning how to tie her own laces for the past year. She absolutely loves tying them up each day she wears them.

Elliw received the light-up Sketchers trainers in a size 11. They fit her perfectly and she absolutely loves them. She especially loves how they light up when she walks, jumps and runs. I chose a velcro trainer for Elliw because she's not started to learning on how to tie her laces, yet but will be soon. But also because I really liked the look of them, especially the colour and the cute little bow. There are three colours to choose from.

Both girls are very pleased with their trainers and they've been wearing them for nearly a week now and there both still very happy with them. I can see them both switching trainers soon as they seem to like doing that sometimes.

* Thank you Jake Shoes for their lovely trainers. We were given these products in return for an honest review. As always, all words, images and opinions are our own.

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  1. Fab review lovely, Love the new shoes. Emily absolutely loves her converse, and wont wear any other shoes. x


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