Our Adventures in May

These months are flying by. It's scary to think that next month my baby boy will be one year old. The year has flown by. May has been a bit of an up and down month for me. We haven't been many places, but we have done quite a few things as a family. The weather has been absolutely stunning up until the past few days. The temperature had even gone up near 30 degrees one day. It was a little too hot, but it was a lovely change to have hot weather.

We went for a walk along a nearby beach, which is about a 10-minute drive from where we live. The girls had chippy chips and an ice cream afterward. They enjoyed playing in the park and running around. Freddie was on his smarTrike which he loved. The wind was pretty strong so we didn't stay too long as it did get chilly near the end but the time we were there was long enough for the kids. I tried to get a photo of us all, but it was a huge fail. Firstly, Elliw was moaning saying she didn't want to come in it. Then when Mia went back to play, Elliw wanted to be in the photo but Mia didn't. I need to try again but we will see. Freddie absolutely loves going on the swing now. He gets pushed a little higher each time we go to the park and just like his sisters, he loves going fast. We don't push him too high or fast, but he loves it.

The girls have also been going to their school park after school most days this month. I will stay by the benches and watch while they play with their friends. It's so nice watching them play and playing with friends too. Knowing that both girls are quite simailr to me in confidence, makes me so proud of them that they have friends which they can be themselves around.

Here are just a few photos from our month;

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  1. Lots of lovely smiles and happy faces. Happy June!

  2. Aww I love the happy smiley faces, and of course the chocolate face! George has been going to the park each day after school, he loves spending time there with his friends. I am jealous of your beach only being 10 mins away. A lovely set of photos with gorgeous light. Thank you for joining in with #MyFamilyAdventures - this months has just gone live if you fancy joining again x


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