Martina The Turtle Review

Martina The Turtle is the shy pet out of the popular Club Petz. My girls absolutely love the Club Petz range and so when they received Martina they were both super excited to see what she could do. Mia, my eldest, is the one who has a huge interest in interactive toys and so she was the one who took the most interest in her. Although, they've both had so much laughter with Martina, by calling her name and watching her move. Freddie absolutely loves it when she moves, he always has a giggle and crawls with her.

Martina The Turtle is the shy turtle, and she will get scared if you shout at her or not speak to her nicely. She responds to her name by making a noise and moving. She has a singing tune, which all three kids love and even they make the same noises. She's a great toy to help kids encourage communication and interaction.

She's available in most stores at a reasonable price.

* We were sent Martina The Turtle in return for an honest review. All words, images, and opinions are entierly my own,

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