Infantino 3 in 1 Sensory Walk and Discovery Car Review

Freddie is now at the stage where he learning to walk and doing a few steps every now and then. He can sometimes walk from one side of the room to the other but sometimes will have a few tumbles on his way. I absolutely love this stage because I find baby walking so adorable until they start walking properly then that's when the work gets a little harder. He just needs to get his balance properly, and he'll definitely be on his way. Something I have found that helps him, a lot, is a baby walker. They helped the girls when they were at the walking stage, and it's surely helping Freddie too.

When we were sent the 3 in 1 Sensory Walk and Discovery Car by Infantino to review, I was really looking forward to seeing if it helped Freddie with his walking (not that I am rushing him, he will do it in his own time). Not only is it a walker, but it's also for three age stages and suitable from 6 months upwards. Freddie has honestly loved this since he first saw it. His favourite bit is putting the ball through the hole on the side, he sat down for ages doing the same thing. On the opposite side, there's a mini shape sorter which he hasn't quite clicked yet but will soon probably.

It's such a colourful and fun walker filled with activities. There are 3 different handle heights and lockable wheels which make it perfect for the babies who are sitting, pulling themselves and walking. Freddie looked so proud of himself when he pulled himself up and started walking. When he walks the eyes spin, and there are 20 sound and light effects. He's had tons of fun, and even the girls have loved playing with it. It's most definitely one of his favourite toys.

* We were given this item free of charge, in return for an honest review. However, all words, opinions, and images are entierly our own.

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