October flew by, and it's been such a busy month for me. We've not done much as in going out as a family, but my partner and I have been taking some weekends to make sure we sort and clear the house out in time for Christmas. I really am counting the days down for Christmas now as we're spending it at home for the first time ever and I'm overly excited. I've already planned all the food, decorations and the day- too excited! I always find this time of year seems to be the time I sort things out and making room for the new stuff to come over the Christmas period.

Although we've not taken the kids out to many places, I've been letting them go out to the back garden quite a few times. Freddie absolutely loves being outdoors, much more than the girls do. The girls will be happy lying in bed playing the iPad or playing with lego. However, Freddie is the total opposite. Now that he's confident in walking, he's walked to school and back, and even walked to his Nain's house and back which is quite a fair distance there and back. It does tire him out for bedtime which is handy though.

Blogging for me has been the busiest month in a long time. I've written an income report which I don't often do on my blog. In fact, my last one was last year, but I thought it was about time to write another one. I'm not going to do monthly ones, but I hope that maybe it inspires another blogger in some sort of way? I'm not sure. But I am thrilled in what way my blog is going at the moment but I'm also not happy in other ways, but I'll be talking about that in another blog post really soon.

I don't have much else to say with this post. The girls are on their half term school holiday at the moment, but all is going well. I will be writing a post about what they've been up to all week, nearer to Sunday or early next week. But other than that, here are a few photos that I've taken throughout the month:

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