I am so late writing this, main reason being that this month has been absolutely hectic and I had only realised a few days ago that I had forgotten to write Freddie's update. I thought this month would be quite slow, but I was wrong, it's flying by. I still can't believe it's going to be Christmas next week - 5 days to go as I'm writing this. Also, it's scary to think another year is passing by and Freddie will be half way to 2 years old in January, how mad is that? Sad at the same time too, my baby is growing.

His sleep hasn't changed much really. He's still having his 2-3 hour naps, although it's been closer to 1.5-2.5 hours recently and not so much the 3 hours - unless he is shattered. Some days I feel like he's slowly growing out of his naps but then other days it's totally different. He hasn't been having long naps for long enough yet, as before he was around 10 months old(ish) he would only sleep 10-20 minutes a day. So I am still hoping these longer naps will last for longer again.

Night time, he still wakes up now and then but not every single night. It feels like he goes through a phase where he will wake up every night for a week or so and then sleep all night for a week or so. Normally when he does wake up, he tends to go back to sleep within half an hour to an hour, sometimes less. Settling times, he still gets cuddled to sleep and he will have some milk (sometimes he will drink it, sometimes he won't) and eventually sleep within half an hour - depending how tired he is it can be longer.

We finally saw the health visitor on the 21st of November. She was pleased with everything, speech, growth etc. Although, I'm not really a fan of these 'development check ups' becasuse every single child develops differently. But otherwise, he was totally fine and she was happy. She weighed him and he weighed 27lbs and length of 82cm.

He is absolutely everywhere recently, he still loves to climb too. He's starting to get interested in little puzzles where you have to push shapes through on a shape sorter. His co-ordination with things is improving and he concentrates well on things too such as building blocks. His words are still his usual, Dad, Mam and Da.

He's being a pain with food recently. There will be days where he will completley refuse his lunch or his tea. But otherwise, he's not too bad and his favourites are still banana and yoghurt but a new favourite at the moment are breadsticks. He just can't get enough of them.

For bedtime he's come off formula and is now on cow's milk which he seems to like.


+ His little cheeky grin is just the cutest

+ His cheeky dirty laugh is adorable and hilarious

+ Very clingy but getting lots of cuddles

+ Loves to take my slippers off and keep them when he sees that I'm ready to put my shoes on

+ Loves hoovering

+ Loves taking things out of the food basket and leaving them on the floor, to then tidy them up later on

+ Loves to keep things away but to also throw things too

+ Loves pretending to be on the phone - chatters to himself

+ Cuddles with his big sisters

+ Getting more interested in the tv which is adorable

+ Says 'Da' after he is given things

+ Claps to himself when he's done something good and when we praise him

+ Loves walking about and climbing

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