Something I love to do is go shopping to buy gifts for people who mean a lot to me. Mother's Day is just around the corner, and I was given some vouchers to spend at B&M stores to see what I could buy for Mother's Day. The first that came to my head was to make a hamper and to buy things to fill it. For the past couple of years now I have been making my own hampers for my Mother-in-law and my Nain for Mother's Day. It's something I've always enjoyed making as I think putting a lot of thought into a gift, makes it that extra special. So, what did I buy as Mother's Day gifts from hampers?

- Box of chocolate
- Mug
- Candle
- Set of 2 wooden boxes
- Artificial plant
- Large Mug

There's a large selection of chocolates in B&M at the moment, as well as throughout the year. A box of chocolate is always a great gift to buy someone for a special occasion. I went for Thornton's Mints because my partners Mam loves mint chocolates. These were only £3.99 which I personally thought wasn't too bad considering they are a lot dearer in other stores.

The two mugs were my absolute favourite. One mug was from their gorgeous Mother's Day range. It says 'Mum in a million' on the front with confetti coming down all around. The mug itself is quite large and great quality too. It was priced at £2.99. The other large mug with polka dots all around with the quote 'Life is Beautiful' with a yellow circle background was £2.99 and again, great quality. I thought it looked extra great as a pot for the artificial plant. The plant was around £2.99, and I absolutely love plant. I thought the mug gave the plant that extra touch.

The LED Candle light really caught my eye. I tend to go for gifts that you can use around the house, not ones that get used once and thrown away the next. I thought this candle looked really lovely and the price was even better, at just £3.99. As well as the light, I bought 2 sets of wooden boxes to hold the items in. They were painted in a shabby white with hearts cut out around the sides. I thought they looked really pretty for hamper boxes, and they could also get re-used afterwards too.

What did you think of my choices? Why not head over to your nearest B&M store and check out their Mother's Day range.

* Collaborative post with B&M

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