Becoming a Mother not only changes your life, but it also changes your body too. I for one, feel quite unhappy with my body and I have a huge list of things I'd love to change. However, there are a few ways to feel happy and positive about your body without changing it drastically. Here are just a few ways:

Go out for a walk tends to help me feel positive and happy about myself. Not that I will lose weight overnight or be in better shape overnight, but it helps me feel good about myself. Gives me a lot more energy which also gives me some positive feelings about myself.

Non-surgery procedure could also be something some people may consider if they are extremely unhappy with their bodies. Singapore Dore Aesthetics offer non-surgical procedures such as V shape chins, nose and more. I personally think a non-surgical procedure sounds less daunting that full-on surgery.

Tell yourself what you like about yourself. Look in the mirror and point out all things you like. I'm sure there will be more positives than you realise. Remind yourself each day, possibly look in the mirror and tell yourself the positives each morning when starting a brand new day.

Be healthy whether it's starting fitness classes, workouts, walking or eating healthily. Doing these help make your mind feel positive which then makes you feel more positive about yourself. Keeping a healthy lifestyle certainly helps keep a healthy mind.

What do you do to feel happy with your body?

*This is a collaborative post.

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