Choosing the Right Mattress for Your Needs

Making sure you buy the right mattress is more important than you might think; it can have a huge impact on your sleep quality, and therefore will affect how you function on a day to day basis! With that in mind, you should be aware of the types of things to look out for when creating the perfect sleep environment. After all, the mattress might be the foundation of your comfortable bed, but there are many other elements to consider too.

Understand your own sleep habits before you think about buying a new mattress or bedding. Do you need extra support for your back and joints, or do you want to sink into your mattress for ultimate comfort? This can help you to be on the lookout for the right type of bedding.

Types of mattress

There are multiple types of mattresses that have individual benefits, depending on your sleep style. One of the most popular kinds is a spring mattress, with layers of spring coils to provide support. The number and size of the coils has an impact on the level of support or comfort you will receive. Spring mattresses offer a traditional spring feel with great bounce and edge support.
Memory foam has grown in popularity over the years, with memory foam mattresses being known for body contouring and pressure relief. Advanced technology means that memory foam mattresses now have cooling properties too. They are great for sleepers who want a mattress that hugs their body as they sleep, supporting their back and joints.
Latex mattresses are known for their great responsiveness as well as comfort. They are often chosen by sleepers who want foam but don’t necessarily want that pronounced contour and close hugging feel. Latex foam has more natural elasticity, so it will quickly regain its original shape.

Consider your bedding

Your mattress might impact the type of bedding you require. While duvets and pillows are essential, there are many different choices. If you find your mattress has great cooling properties and it suits you perfectly, don’t undo it by choosing a duvet with a high tog rating! Likewise, you may want to have a summer and a winter duvet that you swap halfway through the year; this can ensure you’re warm or cool enough throughout the different seasons.
You might also want to consider choosing an anti-allergy duvet and pillows to create a hygienic and productive sleep environment.
To enhance the function of your mattress, mattress toppers have a number of benefits to make sure you’re even more comfortable. Many people use mattress toppers to protect your mattress and prolong its life, but it can actually add to the support and comfort you’re getting.
Similarly, you may want to consider any extra accessories for your bed. Electric blankets can be a godsend if you love a snug, warm bed every night.
For a more comfortable and cosy sleep environment, it takes so much more than just a good mattress!

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