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Being a busy mum, you may find that your days are filled up pretty fast. Whether you stay at home with your little ones, work from home, or head out to a workplace each day the truth remains the same, a mothers “to do” list never seems to be completed. Did you know that the average mum can complete 59 separate tasks each day? That is some going. However, I always find that if we can make things a little easier on ourselves or quicker in some way, then it is worth sharing.

Sometimes we find little things that help us, or find that making certain changes can actually save us money long term or help us on some way. I wanted to share with you some of the mum hacks for the home I think any mum could benefit from. I hope it gives you a little time extra in the day dedicated to fun time with your kids or even five minutes peace for yourself.

Keep a basket of toys in your bedroom
Children don’t seem to have the wake up time down, do they? You are either dragging the out of bed for school, preschool or nursery or on the day they can sleep a little extra like a weekend they are bouncing around at the first sign of sun, am I right? Children tend to creep into your bedroom when they first wake, and so my suggestion would be to have a little basket or box in your room near your bed full of toys. It may be little portable devices, some books or anything that takes their fancy, anything to give you some peace. While they are happily occupying themselves so you can sue the time to get a few extra minutes of sleep, or slowly come to terms with the fact that you are needing to get up. However, getting out of bed less abruptly could help you in terms with your mood for the rest of the day.

Have a decent bed to keep up with the family chaos
Just as they like to wake up at the crack of dawn, some families find that their beds are never just a place for you and your partner anymore, they are now open for all to enjoy. Whether they creep into your bed in the middle of the night, co-sleep with you out of choice, or just can’t seem to stay in their bedroom any longer than ten minutes, then you may find that your bed is overcrowded and struggling. However, you could invest in heavy duty beds to ensure that your mattress and bedframe so it is more reinforced. Children also like to jump and bounce around on beds so this could save you the worry of your bed slats breaking or mattress not being as comfy as it once was.

Wash bath toys in the dishwasher
One of the hardest things I think to keep to clean is bath toys. Even though they are in water, some toys have little crevices and holes where stagnant water can stay and things can get a little mouldy and dirty, no matter how good your intentions are. But, a quick resolve to this could be to put them in the dishwasher on a hot cycle and let that do all the hard work for you. This hack can also work for other toys that are water resistant, perhaps big duplor block or other plastic type toys.

Sunday is the ideal planning and organising time
It is good to be organised, and Sunday is one of those days that you can feel more motivated than ever to get ahead for the week, so take advantage of it. You could use the time to get any uniform or clothes ironed for the week and set out. It could be that you use the time to plan your week in terms of logistics for appointments and pick ups along with after school activities etc. There's plenty you can prepare ahead, even your meal plan and grocery shopping can be planned out in advance. It saves you time in the week that could be used for other things.

Start homework or reading at the same time each day or week
Ever wondered why children are always so keen to do things at school and nursery but when you try at home to complete tasks like homework you become stuck? Try sticking to a schedule. At school or in nursery children have a set routine of doing things at precise times, and so having a similar set up at home helps to manage their expectations. We naturally do this in terms of bedtime etc anyway, so doing school work such as homework or reading at similar times each day or week will help to manage the expectations of your child and perhaps make them more willing to complete tasks. This helps you to avoid time wasted on bickering or disagreements with your children.

Baby wipes are your secret weapon
Baby wipes are life, and having them with you at all times will help you get out many a tricky situation. They can clean shoes if you forgot to polish them, they can clean your house and work surfaces. Your bathroom can be cleaned by them and they mop up any stains like drops of toothpaste or messes on clothes. They are great and an item you just couldn’t live without.

Freeze yoghurts and soft pouches
Finally, wit summer coming up it is now a good time to start thinking about extra treats for the children. Yoghurts and soft pouches that include fruit pouches can be frozen really easily and serve as a healthy snack for playing outside. Sticking a lollipop stick in the yoghurt before freezing makes it easy to eat and adding a cake or baking cup to the bottom of the yoghurt will help to avoid much mess.  

I hope that this has given you some ideas on how to make things a little easier in your home.

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