SP Slimming World Plan - What I Eat in a Day

I thought I would start writing these 'what I eat in a day' food diaries as I want to talk more about my Slimming World journey on my blog. I used to talk about it a lot a few years back when I lost a lot of weight. But life happens and gets in the way, unfortunately, I've gained it all back, and I'm on the journey again. I'm feeling really determined this week and yesterday I decided to film and take photos of everything I ate. It ended up being an SP plan, which is your speed and protein food on the plate.

Thursday 10th May 2018

Eggy bread with onions and peppers on top. I also added 1 tbsp of ketchup to add a little extra taste.

I wouldn't normally have a snack before lunch, but because it's a workday and I have no kids in the house, I was feeling a little peckish and had a hot cup of tea (using skimmed milk as my HA) and 1 HiFi bar.

Scrambled egg with spinach. I had sliced apple afterwards.

Cup of tea and 2 HiFi bars

Chicken, courgettes, spinach, chopped tomatoes with onions and peppers all mixed and cooked together.

Mikados and 2 HiFi bars

HB: x1 Wholemeal bread, x3 HiFi bars
HA: 350 Skimmed milk
Syns: Ketchup, 10 Mikados and 2 HiFi bar = 14.5 syns

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