Things to do in NYC with Toddlers

Travelling to NYC can be a once in a lifetime experience that you shouldn’t miss out on just because you have toddlers in tow. The Big Apple is for more than just adults, there are plenty of things for toddlers and the entire family to enjoy. From finding adventure indoors to exploring the outdoors of the city, kids will stay entertained and get to experience what NYC is all about. Just be sure that before you take your toddler to New York, you know what the best activities are and plan ahead so you don’t leave any downtime for your child to become bored or cranky. If you stay on the go in the city, your toddler will have an epic adventure.

Here are some of the best things to do with toddlers in NYC:

Jumping Gym Adventure

There are so many new and different things to do in NYC that you might not have the ability to do at home. Instead of just going to an ordinary park, you can take your toddler to an indoor jumping playground that is open rain or shine. No matter what the crazy weather may be like in the city or what time of year you choose to travel, an indoor playground is a play area to keep your toddler occupied indoors. With activity tables and caves to explore, the entire family will love playing at one of the indoor jumping playground gyms in NYC.

One of the must-see tourist attractions in NYC is Central Park. This is one of the largest parks in the world and there is so much to see and do. However, since this park is so big, it is a good idea to hire a pedicab from New York Pedicab Services when you are touring Central Park with a toddler. Walking far distances will tire out your child and make them cranky, but in a pedicab they have the ability to see everything around them in style and comfort. You can even take a pedicab to the zoo that is in Central Park. There is so much to do that you could spend all day in this park with your toddler.

Kid’s Museum

New York is known for many things, but having stellar kid’s museums is one of the most important. If you are traveling to this city with a child, there are tons of great exhibits that you can check out. The best part is that a lot of the museums in the city are constantly changing their exhibits, so you should always be able to find one that the whole family can enjoy. This is a creative way for your toddler to have fun but also learn at the same time.

Dinosaur BBQ

Trying to find the best restaurant to dine in when you are in town with your toddler is not always easy. However, Dinosaur BBQ is a restaurant in Harlem that is really welcoming to kids of all ages. There are homemade dishes and really low prices that are ideal when you have a little toddler. There is a lot on the menu to choose from, so your kid should be able to find something that is finger licking good.

Grand Central Terminal

If you want your kid to really take in the hustle and bustle of the big city, you need to go to the Grand Central Terminal at least once. The grand ceiling is a sight to behold and your kid will be amazed by the view. This is a place that you need to see to believe and is an item that should be on your to-do list when you are in the city with your kid.

 Nitehawk Cinema

This is one of the most popular cinemas in the city and they show films that are geared towards the likes of kids. You can spend the day watching kid-friendly movies when you need a little downtime from all of the chaos and noise that the big city has to offer. This is a fun activity that your kid will enjoy while in NYC.

Plan your NYC getaway today even if you have a small toddler to take along on the adventure.

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  1. Ahhh these sound so lovely, I dream of visiting the US and especially NYC! I used to absolutely love those indoor playgrounds when I was small, sadly all the five centres in my town have closed, we will have to travel a little further afield to find one for my little boy :D your blog is so beautiful! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (PS I’m hoping I might be able to entice you to follow each other on bloglovin haha xD)


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