How to create a family friendly garden

When we were looking to buy our first home, I instantly knew that I wanted a decent garden in the back. Somewhere safe for the kids to play, somewhere we could have bbq’s in the summer and just a garden we could all make memories in and a place to chill out during the warmer weathers. But in all honesty, I’ve never been that gardening type person. I like to do as much minimum work on the garden as I can. Saying that I still like to have a family garden that’s safe and nice to look at too. Here are just a few of my tips to get that lovely looking family garden:

Artificial Grass
If you don’t like the idea or don’t have the time to keep on mowing your grass, it may be a good idea to think about artificial turf. This will definitely keep gardening work very minimal as you will not need to mow the lawn, water or do hardly any gardening work. It’s also great to lie on and chill out on during the summer weather. Not just that, it looks good too.

Flower Patch
Having a few flowers in your garden can make your garden look really pretty. If you’re not keen on having plants, maybe having a little flower patch area in one corner of your garden may be a nice touch instead. The kids could also get involved by planting their own plants and adding their own garden accessories.

Outdoor Toys
Adding some outdoor toys can make a garden feel and look more family friendly. Whether it’s swing, a slide or a water table. If you’re not so keen on having outdoor toys on show, having a shed to store them, could be a good idea for you.

Garden Furniture
Having some garden furniture is a must – especially if you have kids who love playing out in the back. Whether it’s some garden chairs or a garden table, having some furniture outside is great for family get togethers and perfect to sit down and watch the kids play.

Adding fencing to your garden will make the garden look and feel a lot more secure. Especially if the kids go out to play. There are different kinds of fencing you can choose from, and I'm sure there's fencing out there that will look great in your garden.

Above are just a few ideas to make a garden family friendly. It’s always great to have a child friendly garden, but also a garden you can chill out in during the summer weather. Somewhere you can relax under the sun and have bbqs and outdoor picnics. 

This is a collaborative post.

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