Slimming World Update #2

I have finally got round in posting my second Slimming World update. I wrote my first Slimming World update last week, and I'm feeling pretty confident that I'm going to be sticking to posting on a weekly basis, possibly fortnightly sometimes. I'm even uploading Slimming World updates and related videos on my YouTube channel too - which is great for me! It's motivating me to carry on and stick to plan also.

The past week has been pretty good. I've been walking every day, much more than I normally do. I've been feeling better, except on Sunday and Monday I struggled a bit with sticking to plan and just my 'mood'. I've been on and off for years now when I get into that particular mood, I can't seem to get out of it. That's when I seem to struggle to stick to plan too which can be quite a pain. But I didn't worry too much - I'd be lying if I said I didn't worry at all - cause I did.

I was really hoping all the walking and extra movement this week would have balanced Sunday and Monday off a bit. All my meals were on plan those days, just the snacking in between took my syns over. All the other days were fine and on plan. It's nuts how just going for an extra 3 mile walk can de-stress you and make you feel much better. It's cleared my head a lot this past week, and I do believe it's one reason I'm slowly feeling better. I've done it before, a few years back when I was obsessed with walking for a few months - it helped my weight loss, and it helped me mentally too.

So, this week, I lost one pound.

Total loss is now 7 pounds. I'm really happy that I've got half a stone off and I'm back at where I was a few weeks ago. I am feeling good, I am feeling the difference too which is motivating me even more. I am still finding it difficult to see the end of my 'journey', seeing as I have 8 stone to lose, but I'm trying to concentrate little by little. So we will see.

Next weeks goals:

- Drink even more
- Stop going over syns
- Eat speed food instead of synned snacks
- Need to prepare meals again
- Carry on walking

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