Freddie George, You are Two

Dear Freddie...

      I remember that very day that I found out I was pregnant with you. I had tears strolling down my face, as it wasn't exactly the right time, but when is the right time? But saying that, I was so excited and so looking forward to another pregnancy. Making Mia another big sister again and Elliw a brand new big sister, which she was super excited about. We kept it quiet for a bit as it was quite a scary time in the beginning, but the moment we knew you were okay and all was well, everyone knew, but I do wish I had kept it our secret for a little longer. But everybody was so happy for your Dad and I and so excited to meet you.

Me being me, I was impatient and couldn't wait any longer for our 20 week scan. I booked a gender scan at 14 weeks, and it revealed that you were a little boy. I've always dreamed of what it was like to have a little boy, a little boy I could call my son. When the kind woman said I was having a boy, I wanted to cry tears of joys. I would have been happy if I was having another girl too, don't get me wrong, I would have loved you just as much. But having a little boy did make me super happy and even more excited.

Time felt like it was going ever so slow. I just couldn't wait to meet you. I couldn't wait to start shopping and looking around for the most adorable clothing. Looking around for new prams, cribs, blankets and much more. Since we had got rid of everything from when your big sisters were babies, it felt like I was a brand new Mam all over again searching for baby things, I loved it.

The moment you were put in my arms I felt complete. You completed our family. I remember saying the words "we have our boy!" to your Dad, and repeating it. I couldn't wait for you to meet your sisters that day. It was so magical, and a day I will never forget, just like the days I gave birth to your big sisters.

You fitted into our little family so easy. It took Mia a while to get used to you, but she absolutely adored you, just like your other big sister, Elliw did. We've all had such amazing memories together. I remember our first family walk, it was windy and cold but so lovely at the same time. Holidays to Bluestone and Haven. We also celebrated your first birthday at Haven in Pwllheli with family and friends. It was so lovely.

The way you are with your sisters is just amazing. They both adore you and care for you so much. You all play fight with each other and make each other laugh so much on a daily basis. You miss them so much when they're not around, but the moment they're back, you are back to your complete normal self. Running around like a lunatic, laughing and giggling away playing games with your big sisters. You're all so lucky you have each other.

I still can't believe that you are two years old. These past two years have been the best. Watching you grow to be the little boy you are right now has been amazing, and I honestly can't wait for more years with you. The cuddles you give are the best, you'll put your arms around me, stroke my hand or face and it's the sweetest. When we hold hands, you have to hold them with your fingers between my fingers, so sweet.

You are such a beautiful little boy. Your blonde soft curly hair, big blue eyes, cute little nose and those adorable dimples when you make the biggest smile is just the cutest. Your laugh makes my heart melt each time and just you, the little boy you are today, you do make me proud.

You're growing up to be such a clever little boy. Your learning so many new words, you've even learnt how to say tractor - something you are obsessed with at the minute. Not just tractors, but you're obsessed with The Wiggles and Mr Tumble too. I do have to say I'm glad you love Mr Tumble at the moment as for a very long time the only thing you watch and listen to was The Wiggles singing all these different nursery rhymes - nothing else interested you.

I'll never forget all the nights you kept me up all hours, and I'd be like a zombie the following day. But it meant I had extra cuddles with you. You learnt me a lot of new things in parenting. I was sleep deprived, but I battled through it. You gave me more patience, and you gave me a whole new journey - breastfeeding. I will forever miss our breastfeeding journey - 15 whole months of it until you decided to stop. It was sad ending it, but it was also the right time too.

Don't stop being you.

Don't stop being the amazing little boy you are.

Love you with all my heart,

From Mam xxx

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