Four Simple Kitchen Upgrades You Can Do In A Weekend

Did you know that currently, kitchen remodels aren’t getting the same attention as they used to?
A kitchen improvement is something that homeowners automatically jump to when they think about
upgrading the home. This is mainly because of the fact that the kitchen is the heart of the home; it’s
where you eat, commune and congregate as a family. The thing to remember is that you don’t have to
rip out the entire kitchen to have a positive impact on the whole home and its value. All you have to do
is make some smaller upgrades for it to all make sense and fall into place.
Not many people know which projects will make sense for their home, but that’s precisely what this
article is for. You need short, sharp jobs that’ll have a huge impact on your house and your life inside
your home. You also need to ensure that these jobs don’t take up too much of your time. So, with all
that in mind, we’ve got four fantastic ideas so that your kitchen will have a new look.

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Change The Fixings. The fixtures and fittings of the kitchen, such as the lighting, the cabinet handles and even
the taps at the sink, all need upgrading every now and then. A simple switch of any of these can automatically
revamp the room and give it a facelift that doesn’t break the bank. You can, of course, look here at the many
changes that you want to make to the sinks and the cabinets in the kitchen, but start small and work up to it.
Small fixes first before the big ones.

Paint The Cabinets. Kitchen cabinets don’t often get updated without a huge renovation, so why not break
open a couple of tubs of good quality kitchen wood paint? You can really get the fresh look that you’ve been
searching for this way.

Light It Up. Change up the lighting of the kitchen by adding a hanging pendant light over the kitchen island
instead of the usual spotlights. Layering the lighting gives your kitchen a modern and upgraded look. It also
means that you’re choosing a new way to decorate the room. Choose LED lights, though, because those bulbs
last longer and they’re so much better for the environment than the usual ones.

Peel & Stick. Backsplashes in the kitchen don’t have to be boring. You can really set a huge statement by using
backsplashes that are beautiful and creative. There are so many styles that you can choose from, and peel and
stick kits can be picked up anywhere that offers home improvement items.

A full kitchen renovation may not be what you need to make your cooking space look good. The smaller
changes can have a much bigger impact on your home and make your home value go up, too. Always choose
the colours and the fixtures that fit the tone of the house; don’t go too crazy unless you are aiming for your
kitchen not to fit!

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