Creative Christmas Gifts

It's finally that time of year where most of us are thinking of ways to treat our loved ones this Christmas. I am the type of person who loves to get creative with gifts, whether they be handmade or unusual purchases. I always look around online and in different shops to find that perfect gift. If you are thinking of getting all creative this year, here are some creative Christmas gift ideas, some where the kids can get involved too: 

• Hampers
Hampers are a great gift to mix and match items to suit that particular person you are gifting. There are 100s of different theme hampers you can make, or my favourite is a total mix and match kind of hamper. For someone who loves their chocolate, you could mix in lots of different chocolates in a hamper, chocolate bars, hot chocolate and slabs. Or maybe you know someone who loves tea and/or coffee? Mix in a lovely mug, their favourite tea bags/coffee, a gorgeous Countryside Art Printed Tea Towel and their favourite treat alongside. 

• Make Your Own Recipes
If you know someone who loves to cook, why not make your own recipe ring? This is so simple to make, all you need to do is buy a wooden spoon, a ring and print some small recipe sheets and remember to laminate them. Put the sheets on the ring, and there you have it, you're very own recipe ring! So easy, yet so handy and a great gift someone will appreciate. 

• Personalised Bottle
You could personalise any kind of bottle, soap bottle, shampoo, lotion, pamper, water bottle and many others. If the bottle you already have has a label on, take it off and stick your own vinyl sticker on instead. Personalised items are fantastic gifts for everyone. 

• Handprint Prints
If you have kids, why not make some handprint prints for the grandparents and other members of the family. Not only is this craft gift idea easy to do, but it's also super affordable to make. The only things you need is a piece of plain white card, kid-friendly washable paint and the kids! To make it extra special, ask the kids to write their names and ages under their printed handprints. 

• Bookmarker
If you know someone who loves to read, why not get creative and craft a bookmarker for them. This could be of anything, a photo of them cut out as a marker, a kids drawing, their favourite colour, absolutely anything. Make it fun and make it sentimental too. You could also add a favourite book alongside it too. 

• Chocolate gifts
There are so many different kinds of chocolate gifts you can make for someone who loves chocolate! Get creative and make your own chocolate shapes or letters. This is super easy, all you'll need to buy is some of your favourite chocolate and some silicone shape baking trays. 

• Sweet Bouquet
These sweet bouquets have been quite popular over the year, not just for Christmas. You can mix match their favourite sweets, chocolate and other bits and pieces. Made with good effort, they look super cool and will surely be appreciated. 

Those are a few of my favourite creative Christmas gifts that would be appreciated and loved. It's always lovely to receive a gift that is either hand-made or has a personal touch, it's extra sentimental and extra thoughtful. 

Are you getting creative with Christmas gifts this year?

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