Our Christmas 2018

I am a little late posting this post, but I'm sure you all understand how busy Christmas time can be. We had a wonderful Christmas, just like last years Christmas Day but 2018 was slightly different as it was just the 5 of us. My partners parents have spent Christmas and New Years in Thailand, something we as a family, would love to do one year. We visited Thailand as a family back in 2015 and it was amazing. We can't wait to visit again, but we're going to wait until Freddie's that little bit older. Going back to talking about our Christmas, it was such a lovely day and it helped that the weather was all dry too.

The night before Christmas, Christmas Eve, the kids were all so excited. They laid down the mince pie and glass of milk for Santa and a carrot for the reindeers. We then went to read two Christmas themed books. It was, even more, nicer and magical this year as Freddie even sat through both books and enjoyed the stories. The kids went to sleep pretty handy and before we knew it, we were asleep too and the morning after arrived.

The kids woke up at 7am, which was a lovely time of morning to wake up. We did our usual Christmas morning - unwrap some presents that were in their stockings. We then got ourselves ready to go downstairs. Every year, I film the kids walking downstairs and film their reaction once the living room door opens. This year felt a little extra special as Freddie was more involved and understood a little bit more than the last two years.

The rest of the day was just lovely and relaxed. We had a lovely morning walk to my partner's aunty and uncles to spend a couple of hours there too, before heading back home for our Christmas Dinner. But I'm sure you all know, just because it's Christmas doesn't mean the kids are extra well behaved. The kids had their tantrums, their arguments and so on. But overall, it was a wonderful day.

I didn't take many photos, none were staged, but the memories were captured. I also filmed a few snippets through the day too.

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