Num Noms Treat Bundle

Last month the girls were very lucky to receive a great bundle of Num Noms goodies. They've always loved Num Noms, ever since they came out. If you're not quite sure what Num Noms are, then where have you been?! On a serious note, they are collectable scented characters. They are soft, squishy and hallow characters. On the inside, there are hard-shelled characters that are filled with flavoured lip gloss. Now, in different series' they also do nail varnishes, pencil toppers and more. They are all scented and a huge hit with kids these days.

The bundle that the girls received included a bunch of fun Num Noms goodies. Included in their bundle were some Num Noms Mystery Make Up Pack which included: x1 Num Noms character with hidden makeup surprise. x1 scented lip gloss Nom, x1 reusable plastic bottle and a collectors menu. These were the girls' favourites and they have reused the plastic bottles to store their Num Noms when they keep them away.

The bundle also included a magazine, some sweets and some other Num Noms surprise gifts that the girls were really excited over. You can find out more about the Num Noms products over on their website here.

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