Our Favourite Children's Books

Reading my kids a bedtime story is probably one of my favourite things to do. It takes me back when I was a child myself and getting a bedtime story from my Dad. I remember these two particular storybooks that he always read to me and my brother. I think that is why I always made sure there was time to read a bedtime story into our bedtime routine.

Over the years the kids have had many books, but there are only certain books that I have to read over and over again. As I've got three children, I let them take turns each night to choose a book they would like to either read or listen too. The two eldest are great readers, and my little boy loves to listen (most of the time!) to a story. But as their ages are so different, I always like to make sure that their storybooks are fun, short and full of fun. For Freddie, I like to make sure his stories rhyme, short and filled with bright colours. 

As said above, the kids have their favourite books and I've listed them below. I've also included an infographic below made by Furniture Village where they have looked into what makes a perfect bedtime storybook for kids. 

Where is Lamb?
This book is Elliw's from when she was around 1 years old. All three kids absolutely love this book, especially Freddie right now. There is a hand puppet in the middle, which makes the story even more exciting for the child. The story is a rhyme and it's not too long, so your child will never get bored and it sure is a fun story to read. 

Peppa Pig
Peppa has always been a great hit in our home. This book is also an oldie, it belonged to the girls when they were younger but now Freddie loves it. Again, it's a short and quick story but there are bright photos and the story is fun. 

Dora The Explorer
Elliw has a bunch of these Dora The Explorer books and all three kids absolutely loves them. These books are great for having fun, as well as helping them learn. Each story always has a meaning, and it can also help the child understand and learn new things such as learning manners, sharing and making friends etc.

David Walliams
My eldest, who is 9years old is a huge fan of David Walliams books. This book, in particular, is a huge hit. It's a great story and it's a fun book to read too. Something else I find great with David Walliams' books are you can also buy a Welsh version too, which is a great bonus for welsh kids like mine. 

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