A Charming & Practical Childs’ Bedroom: 3 Steps

For kids, their bedroom isn't just a place where they sleep and keep their stuff. In fact, it's a sanctuary where
they can let their imaginations run riot as well. For parents, however, achieving a space that is both practical
and the magical can be something of a challenge. Luckily, that is precisely why I have written the post below,
so keep reading for some steps that will help you reach that balance.

Step one: the basics

First of all, no matter how charming you want the room to be, it's essential to get the practicalities and basics
sorted. What this means is ensuring that the room is safe for the child to spend time in and that it has all the
furniture items that they need.

Of course, the most essential piece of furniture in a bedroom is the bed, and the good news is that when it
comes to ones built for children, there are a whole range of fun options that are still practical too. Options
that include things like a cabin bed, with space underneath for a desk and storage, or even a tented option.
The latter being a partially smart choice for encouraging imaginative play.

However, a functional bedroom space will not only need a bed, but other pieces of furniture as well,
including a wardrobe for storing clothes, and if there is enough room, toys too. Happily, you can often
find some real bargains like these best price wardrobes online. Something that will allow you to save up
more money to spend on the other more fun aspect of the room, as described below.

Step two: a theme

Once you have the basics sorted, it time to embrace the fun and pick a theme to decorate the room around.
The best thing about using a theme to decorate a child's room is that it can be anything they like. In fact,
allowing your child to have some say in what it will be is always a good idea.

Although, doing so doesn't mean that you have to end up with garish wallpaper, and posters that are branded
with their favourite TV show if you don't want.

In fact, if you are looking for a cleaner, more minimalistic look, that is still fun for the kids, then why not go
for a jungle theme? Then you can work with a neutral white background and add pops of colour with things
like giant stuffed animals, walls stickers, and even decorative hooks as a more subtle way of making the space

Step three: bedding and soft furnishing

Finally, when it comes to choosing the bedding and other textiles for your child's bedroom, remember that
there is a substantial range of options out there. In fact, you can get some very stylish and understated pieces
that are still aimed at kids.

There are also some pretty amazing shaped throw pillows and other textile decorations that you can add
to their room to encourage a sense of fun, magic, and wonder as well. All while still staying as stylish and
practical as possible.

- Collaborative post

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