Garden Fun: Little Tikes Seek & Explore Climber

Buying toys for children is not any easy challenge. It is extremely difficult to find a toy which will
capture your child’s interest and keep it there for months and months to come. After all, children
tend to be interested in something for a mere five minutes and then after that it becomes worthless.

Buying toys can be especially hard if you have more than one child around the same age range.
You can choose to buy separate toys for the children, but then this often results in both children
wanting what the other child has got. This is why it is often advisable to buy a toy which can be
enjoyed by both, something which they can play with together. However, this is something which
is easier said than done on a lot of occasions. As finding something which can be equally enjoyed
by both and will not lead to any fights is not always as easy as may be imagined. 

However, you don’t need to worry about going on a frustrating and difficult challenge of discovering
which toy to buy. As luckily, there is one which answers all of your prayers and that is the Little Tikes
Seek & Explore Climber.

This toy is great because it is big enough for more than one child to enjoy at once. There are a whole
host of different elements which make up this outdoor play toy and thus there is a lot of fun to be
had. The Little Tikes Seek & Explore Climber boasts the following features; a pale blue slide, a green
tunnel, different colour platforms and exciting green steps.

Another good thing about this toy is that it appeals to both boys and girls because of its versatile
colour scheme. Nevertheless, this does by no means mean that the toy is boring. It features exciting
and bright colours as mentioned previously and the toy is in the design of a castle, with picturesque
castle walls feature around the front of the outdoor climbing toy. 

This toy is designed for children aged between two years old and six years old, meaning that this toy
will certainly get a lot of use out of it. Finally, the size of this product is as follows; 343 cm in length
x 180 cm in width x 123 cm in height.

If you are considering purchasing this toy, it is important to place it on the grass. After all, no one
wants to land on hard concrete once they have gone down a slide. You can get free artificial grass samples
online if you currently do not have grass in your garden, and so this is something you may want to
look into.

If you are looking for a toy which will provide endless hours of fun for a whole host of children to
play with together then you have certainly found it with the Little Tikes Seek & Explore Climber.

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