AniMagic Interactive Pets

I feel quite lucky that both my girls, aged 7 and 9, still like their soft toys. Both their beds, especially my eldest, are full of soft, cuddly and adorable soft toys. They were both kindly gifted two AniMagic Interactive Pets and they were so excited to receive them. I used to love Animagic when I was younger and both girls have owned some AniMagic pets in the past.

Mia chose to have the AniMagic Goes Wild Owl who's name is Arty. He is all white with bits of grey and the first thing Mia loved was how fluffy and soft he is. Along with the Owl comes it's sleeping place - a tree. When your child places the owl in the tree, it will drift to sleep. Mia loved this and puts him to sleep while she goes to school and again when she goes to bed herself. When you give Arty lots of snuggles his big eyes lightly glow - which Mia was amazed by.

Elliw has Peri the Penguin and I must say, he is absolutely adorable! Just like Arty the Owl, he is super soft and fluffy and his eyes glow softly when he gets some snuggles. Peri also comes with an igloo for him to sleep. When he is taken out of the igloo, Peri gets excited and chirps!

Both girls love having their new AniMagic Go Wild Interactive Pets and I do honestly recommend them. They are currently £19.99 and they are well loved by my girls. I often hear both Arty and Peri chirp away when the girls are playing with them. A great gift this Christmas or any other special occasion such as a birthday.

* We were kindly gifted these items.
However, all words and images are entirely our own.

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