First Week of Lockdown

I have been meaning to write more personal posts on this blog for a long time and I thought this would be the perfect time to start seeing as we are all now told to stay at home due to the coronavirus spreading fast. We've rarely left the house, only for small local walks near our home. But other than that we have stayed home, or out in the back garden.

I've always been someone who loves going outdoors to make some memories, but I also do enjoy being at home taking it slowly. But of course, I never planned to spend time at home under these kind of circumstances. It's a very scary and worrying place out there right now and I do honestly hope that you are all keeping yourself safe, taking care and most importantly, staying home.

I thought this would a good way to share photos and memories of our time together as a family during this difficult time.

Although I feel like I'm struggling a little more with anxiety. Such as the thought of going out and struggling to go outdoors for the one walk a day, I do try and make sure we go out at least once or maybe twice a week. But we are in the back garden most days and the sun has made an appearance which is an added bonus.

As you all know, school have now also closed. Which means us parents are now having to try and homeschool our children to try and keep the school routine going. Although I am not very strict at doing this, I am trying my best with it to make sure the kids are learning something most days. I do worry if school is off until September or maybe later, that it will affect them a lot. So I am trying my best at making sure I am still learning them pieces of work throughout the week.

As well as some homeschooling work, I've been trying to do different things with the kids too. Such as baking cakes and I've got a few other bits I'd like them to do soon such as their own bread, banana bread and other cakes such as cheesecakes etc.

Since all of this started it's made me realise that I am quite lucky that I have a job outside of the home. I believe and have always thought as work outside of the home as a little break. I was a stay at home Mam for around 7 years up until a year ago. I was also self-employed (still am) but working outside of the home is different. It's difficult in a different way, but it's also a break where I can speak to adults without being interrupted and it gave me somewhat a good routine each week.

So all of this, has definitely been quite difficult being home with the kids 24/7. Saying that, I am very grateful that I am having this time with them too. As said above, I'm taking each day as it comes and I am appreciating the littlest of things.

During the first week I also subscribed to Disney+ which is amazing. I would recommend you subscribe if you haven't done so yet. I've watched a few classic films and can't wait too watch more.

Until next week, take care everyone x

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