Top Tips For Travelling With Your Pets

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It is understandable if you don't see yourself taking a vacation without your pet. A recent study has shown that 53% of travellers take their pets along on vacations, a trend that has contributed to the growing popularity of pet-friendly accommodation. Planning a holiday trip can be stressful, but one that includes your family pet may bring a new set of challenges. With the summer vacation fast approaching and COVID-19 restrictions easing, you may want to take that much-needed family trip. If that is the case, here are some top tips to help you travel easier with your pet.

  1. Keep your pet restrained

If you wish to take a road trip, it isn't safe to have your pet moving around in the car while driving, as this can be pretty distracting. In the event of an accident, your airbag and seatbelt may protect you from injury, but what about your pet? It would be best if you kept your pet in the back seat and restrained with either a seatbelt or in a pet-friendly cage. Ensure your vehicle is big enough to provide enough space for it to stand, move, or lie down.

  1. Get the proper paperwork

You won't travel far with your pet without the appropriate paperwork. Many travel destinations may require a recent health certificate signed by a certified veterinarian. The vet will check your pet's health and check for recent vaccinations required by the country you visit. It is advisable to speak to an immigration lawyer to gain accurate information about laws regarding pets in your destination country. 

  1. Miss a meal on travel days

Irrespective of how you intend to accommodate your pet, anxiety is inevitable. Experts have found that stress diarrhoea is a common symptom of pet anxiety during travels, and that's the last thing you want to deal with in a plane or car. Your pet may not display any sign of stress, but motion sickness can quickly upset the pet's stomach. Feed the pet less than you usually do ahead of travel, preferably light meals at least three hours before setting off. If you have to feed your pet on the road, stop and do so. Avoid feeding in a moving vehicle.

  1. Organise your pet travel kit

When travelling with your pet, be sure to carry along its health records, including proof of any recent immunisation. You may also want to get some pet food, medications, water and bowls. You should add other pet cleanup supplies like scoop and waste bags. Some pet toys are also handy to keep your pet happy and occupied throughout the journey. A pet first aid is another must-have.

Your pet may well be a good member of the family. From protecting your home and family, and keeping your kids engaged and cheerful, it is just fair to take your family pet along on the adventure. While it may seem impossible, perhaps with the present border control measures, these tips should make travelling with your pets more manageable than you may imagine.

Three Ways A Savings Account Could Save Your Baby A World Of Stress


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There’s a lot to think about when preparing for a new baby, and things like baby proofing and getting the nursery ready will likely take up most of your brainpower. These obvious preparation pointers aside, many parents are also finding it increasingly worthwhile to get their accounts and affairs in order before baby brain sets in, most commonly with regards to their wills and finances, but also by setting up a savings account for the new baby itself.

While it may seem premature, parents are increasingly finding that getting a head start on savings is the best way to give their kids a good start in life. Ever-rising house and education costs especially highlight the need to get going as soon as possible in order to spread the costs of support. If you don’t believe us, or think that savings could at least wait a few years, then keep on reading to find out why a newborn saving account is guaranteed to go down a treat.

A chance to surprise them later on

Setting up a savings account with older kids is essential for encouraging them towards positive financial habits, but is unlikely to be very lucrative. By comparison, a savings account for a newborn will most often be in your name, allowing you to keep this money hidden, and growing, until an age where you deem fit. Kids saver accounts that prevent withdrawals can be especially useful, meaning that you’ll never be able to slip into the bad habit of taking money out, but will instead be able to keep that fund topped up to the brim at all times.

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An early start on a good future

Logically, the earlier you start a savings pot for your child, the better the future they’ll face. This is especially the case as lifestyle costs escalate, and even education becomes a financial goal that many struggle to achieve. No matter whether your child is facing fees at Oxbridge, or the added cost of travel and immigration lawyers to make studying abroad a reality, you can therefore rest easy that they’ll be able to cover every expense. Even as house prices rise and deposits become frustratingly out of reach, your forward-thinking could help your child become the first homeowner in their friendship group before you know it.

An easy outlet for loved ones

People can be incredibly generous when you have a baby and, as well as cards, gift baskets, and clothes galore, friends and family will most likely want to give your youngster money. Savings accounts are great for this as they allow an accessible, easy place for loved ones who wish to do so to deposit little cash treats that, over time, are guaranteed to add up to a sizable surprise fund for any little one.

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Finances can feel like the last thing on your mind when you're basking in newborn glory, but there’s never been a better time to start a brand new savings account to enjoy these benefits, and more, as your little one grows.