How To Create The Perfect Childs Bedroom


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When having kids you strive to provide the best for them and give them what you had and more. Not only do you take them on perfect days out to the local zoo but you also strive to provide the best at home and this starts with their bedrooms. 

Creating this wonderful space for your little ones to grow and play should be fun, however, it can also be challenging to make sure you end up with a beautiful and engaging space that they not only love, but you adore too. 

When starting on this task, it can seem a little daunting, but by using a few useful tips you will be able to create a room that they love now and will continue to love in the years to come. 

Keep It Simple

When it comes to children’s room you will find less is more. By keeping a simple base decor and minimal furnishing you will create a space that will let their imagination take off and grow with them, whilst providing enough of a blank canvas that the room can be updated and tweaked as your child’s interests grow with them. 

Simple tent or house style floor beds are a great tool to engage their imagination and make their room multifunctional between play and sleep. Paired with prints, poster frames and a few lovely accessories the room becomes stylish, engaging and practical in one straightforward way. 

Keep It Kid Friendly

Remember that this is ultimately a child’s room. They are pint-sized humans and this should be considered. Low level chairs and table can provide a cosy comfortable space for relaxing play as well as giving a little nook where they can let their creativity out. Low level open shelves with their toys and books will allow them the freedom to explore, encourage self responsibility and independence. By seeing the room from your childs height you can easily create a space that is as functional as it is beautiful. 

Encourage Play

Unless you want your whole house filled with toys a bedroom is a perfect place to encourage your children to do what they love the most. Including items such a ball pit, mini slide or climbing frame, or teepee tent can really encourage and emphasis the fun aspect a childs bedroom should be without needing to over clutter or sacrifice having a stylish space. If you are limited on space you could incorporate a chalk board section, this can either be a whole wall painted or just a frame filled with a blank backdrop to let your little artist create masterpiece after masterpiece. 

Create Magic

Children see the world and everything around them so different to children. So take that and incorporate into their space. Adding simple low cost fairy lights, glow in the dark stars or bunting or flags can enchant any space turn a room into a fairy palace, a far off galaxy during the day and at night create low lighting to help them wind down for a peaceful nights sleep.

Why Visit Corfu? 3 Unmissable Reasons


The most well-known Greek island for a reason. Corfu is just sublime. Incredibly beautiful, like something out of a dream. The island itself is 235 square miles, which makes it one of the larger islands of Greece. It's known the most because of its ease of access, the amount of amenities, the sheer number of activities to do and the food. Corfu is one the west of Greece, just near the Albanian/Greek border. It's accessed from Igoumenitsa, where most of the ferries and cruise ships hail from and make port. As you might imagine, Corfu is also known for its history, especially with the Greek military. Many operations in ancient times and 

during World War Two were launched from here.

The Empress’ home

The Achillion Palace was made in 1890, just for the Austrian Empress Elizabeth. Unfortunately she was attacked and killed in 1898 and the palace remained in abandon until about 1907. You have to see it to believe it. The amazing statues of women standing guard along the front of the house, acting as the eyes and ears of the home is incredible. They look the same but each is in a different position and holding something different. One has a scroll, a love for letters. One has an oak leaf, the symbol of purity and honor, and others have different styles of clothing and hairstyles. The palace itself is just amazing, the colourful walls, artwork, vases and plants just give it a shade of opulence only an empress would be fit for.

Spianada Square

We’re not going to lie to you, Corfu can get a little busy sometimes; especially during the summer and spring seasons. But, if you want somewhere nice and quiet to go to, somewhere to walk and just enjoy your surroundings, head to Spianada Square. If you’re from the UK, you’ll get used to the design pretty quickly, as it kind of looks like the run up to Buckingham Palace. It's already one of the best Greek islands for boat rentals as you can take sailboats, motor boats and just about any kind of boat, all along the coast for your own advenutre.

The long road, roundel centerpiece and the amazing flowers to boot. In fact the square has outrightly been influenced by the British, but also the Romans as the design has been lifted from these parts of the world for it's serenity and charm.

Byzantine museum

It just would not be a Corfu landing, if it didn’t cover it's ancient history. Corfu was one of the final places where the eastern Roman Empire was present. The Byzantines, as they become known, were a mixture of Balkan, Roman and Greek. The empire by its final days was in tatters but the art, music and literature has survived. It's been stored and restored in the museum on the island, making it one of the must-see attractions. 

Corfu is just one of those places you dare not miss while on this earth. You have to see it in person, it's just pure beauty. The history is so interesting, the location is great and the restaurants and nightlife are just as brilliant.