Family Day on Easter Sunday

Ever since the last school half term holidays, I've been counting down the days for these Easter holidays. We are now in the second and last week, and if I'm honest, I'm quite sad that the girls are going back to school next week. Although they can drive me absolutely crazy at times, I do like having them home with me. Times like the school holidays, I feel extremely lucky that I work from home. Freddie has still been going to nursery on the Thursdays as normal. That gives me a chance to spend time with the girls and time to do my work.

One day I've been really looking forward to was Easter Sunday. My partner was off work, Mia was home from her Dad's, and it was a day we were all together. We had planned to go out as a family, and although we weren't so sure where we wanted to go, we decided on the day and the unplanned days always turn out the best. First, we had thought about visiting a National Trust, then we decided Llanberis, but then we decided to visit Betws-Y-Coed. A place I used to go a lot too as a child with my Dad and brother. Not only me but a place my partner used to visit with his parents when he was a child too.

We haven't taken the kids to Betws Y Coed for a long time. It's a place I used to love visiting when I was younger. The girls are older now, so I was excited for them to have a walk around the place and see what they thought. It was absolutely packed, so many people had the same idea, but it was expected as it's a very popular place to visit in North Wales.

We went for a walk towards the waterfalls and sat down to have some lunch. The kids threw stones into the river and then we decided to go for a walk through the forest. Elliw loved trying to find the animal pictures on the tallest trees. Elliw and I carried on searching for the pictures on the trees while my partner, Mia and Freddie went near the river to throw more stones. It was so lovely just watching the kids be happy and playing outdoors too. Freddie walked everywhere, and he loved every minute of it.

Afterwards, when we decided to go back, I went to the shop to buy the kids a football. We went onto the field, and we realised why no one was playing on the field. It was absolutely soaking, but the kids carried on playing football. They were absolutely covered in mud, but they loved every second of it. It's so nice to see kids playing properly outdoors instead of indoors on their ipads and such.

We had such a wonderful Easter Sunday. It was full of laughter and lots of memories.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter bank holiday weekend too. What did you get up too?

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