Create A Signature Style With your Accessories

 When it comes to your signature style, you might be like many of us - a little confused or not quite there yet. We know that accessories can make an outfit; they can change a simple black dress from classic to bold and creative with a stack of rings and a chunky necklace. 

No outfit will ever look the same when you have the right accessories! 

So here are some fashion accessories that you might want to invest in. 

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Less is more… or is it?

How you accessorise, in the end, will be a personal choice. There are a couple of things people think about when they add their favourite necklaces and scarves to an outfit. One school of thought is to remove one accessory before you leave the house. This is leaning into the less is more route. 

The other is to look at what you have and add one more thing. 

It is all about balance, though! And of course your personal preference. 

How do I add accessories?

It might sound like a logical answer - you just add them to the outfit. But actually, the key to accessorising is thinking about what you will be doing for the day. The cut of the outfit you are wearing. Will you be on the go all day? Do you need to pick up dinner? 

These questions will let you know if you should be using a sleek cross-body bag with room for your purse and phone or a larger tote bag to put in a pack of salad and some vegetables on the way home. 

When it comes to being busy all day, you can’t go far wrong with well-engineered flats, simple earrings, an eye-catching dress ring and some sunglasses. Dress rings and necklaces also have their own set of guides; it’s always worth reading more - the ultimate guide to dress rings.

What are the essential accessories?

Not everyone has the budget or the space to have piles of accessories; sometimes, you need just a few well-chosen pieces that work with many outfits. 

The bag

There might be a few years where your bag is the nappy bag or a bag filled with toddler snacks - but after that? You can add some personal flair, like a designer bag that is bold and bright. Or a sturdy tote that is structured to fit everything from laptops to groceries. Make sure your bag matches your lifestyle, though - so you don’t have to buy more than what you need. 


The skin around our eyes is prone to sun damage and needs extra protection. Aside from wearing your SPF every day, sunglasses are the best option. The shape of your sunglasses can change the shape of your face, so try a few pairs on before you settle on one. Always keep in mind you are looking for some UV protection too. 


A lightweight scarf can be perfect for protecting your shoulders from the sun or for wrapping around you if it gets a little bit chilly. A thicker scarf, of course, is ideal for the colder months when your neck is prone to getting cold. 

Accessories can be as playful as you like. Scroll through Pinterest and Instagram to see just how much the right accessories can influence a single outfit.

If you are on a mission to save rather than spend, here is an excellent guide to making old garments new again: Dress Alterations: How To Transform Any Old Thing Into Your New Favourite — Beth Owen.

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