How To Beat The Spiralling Rise Of Energy Bills


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Gas and electricity bills are at an all-time high in the UK right now, partly due to the ongoing war in Eastern Europe. The government stepped in late in 2022 to part-pay everyone's energy bills each month, but sadly that support ends this month (March 2023).

Many people are undoubtedly wondering how they can afford to pay for their high energy costs, even if their usage is nothing more than average.

While it's not possible to make energy companies reduce their bills to you, there are several other things you can do to lower your energy costs. Take a look at these top ideas for inspiration:

Upgrade Your Heating And Lighting Technology

How old is your heating system? Are you still using outdated incandescent light bulbs? Now's the perfect time to check and upgrade your heating and lighting at home.

For instance, a new combi boiler like a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 could be significantly more energy-efficient than your existing one. Plus, replacing your light bulbs with LED alternatives could save you lots of money on your electricity bills each month.

It's also worth looking to see if you could get government grants to help with the cost of boiler upgrades.

Get Solar Panels Installed

The UK might not be the sunniest place in the world, but it's still possible to generate plenty of electricity for your home each day with solar panel systems.

Firms like All Seasons Energy install solar panel systems for homes like yours every day. Plus, if you generate more electricity than you make, it's possible to sell that unused energy to the National Grid.

Also, don't forget that a solar panel system will increase the value of your house.

Turn Down Your Heating Thermostat

Everyone likes to have a warm home during the winter months, but the ugly truth of today's economic climate is that heating your home can be very expensive. Some people with limited incomes even have to weigh up turning off their heating systems on some days.

Another way to save money on your heating bills is by turning your thermostat down. Even going down just one degree can save you three-figure sums each year.

Do Your Washing At Night

Do you have an energy tariff that charges you less for your gas and electricity usage each evening? If so, consider doing your laundry at night when you get home from work, for example.

If you have a washing machine with a large capacity drum, it can also make sense to wash your clothes every other night instead of nightly for further cost savings.

Switch To Direct Debit Payments

One final yet little-known tip to save on your energy bills is by switching to Direct Debit payments. Did you know that most energy suppliers charge customers higher rates if they pay by invoice or are on pre-payment meters?

It's worth investigating how much you could save by moving to a Direct Debit tariff for your gas and electricity usage. You'll likely find the savings are too significant to ignore.

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