Simba Hybrid Duvet Review


Disclosure: I was kindly gifted the Simba Hybrid Duvet for the purpose of this review. All images & words are all my own. 

I was given the amazing opportunity to work with Simba again by reviewing their Hybrid Duvet. The duvet is available in 4 sizes, starting from a single up to a super king size. The Simba Hybrid Duvet is suitable for all year round due to its amazing 3 layers that provides, warmth, breathability and a non-clammy feel. The duvet has a special Stratos Heat Technology that reacts to your body temperature, which helps give you a comfortable night sleep (more information on this, further down the page). 

Simba's deliveries are 100% carbon neutral and did not take long to arrive. The Simba Hybrid Duvet was packed in their 50% recycled packaging and the actual duvet was packed in their 100% recycled storage bag, which is super good quality and will come in handy for many things to reuse. 

As I was unpacking the duvet, I was very interested in the quality of the duvet and the look of both sides. Although I read some information about the duvet when I was offered the opportunity to review, I was even more interested to read about the work and materials once seeing the duvet in person. 

The Simba Hybrid Duvet has three layers. One side being their 100% cotton coverage middle layer has a super soft Simba Renew bio fibres and the other side has their cotton outer Stratos Heat Control Technology. Here's a little more information on each layer;

Cotton Cover (plain side)

- This layer is a pure cotton cover that ensures breathability and airflow. This side is the ideal side during winter and the colder months.

Simba Renew Bio

- The middle layer offers perfect non-clammy warmth.

Cotton Outer with Stratos Heat Control Technology

- This layer, with a diamond shaped pattern, is the most interesting, and makes the duvet worth it. The Stratos Heat Control Tech reacts to your body heat, by keeping you not too hot and not too cold. If you are someone who gets hot, this side is probably the best side to keep closest to your body. Otherwise, this is a great side during the summer season. 

My partner & I are people who get rather hot during the night, but current home is difficult to warm up, so we decided to sleep with the pure cotton plain side closest to our body. From a fair few good nights using the duvet, we've had no night waking up too hot, nor too cold. We are both hugely impressed by the quality of the duvet. But also, impressed that everything we have read about the duvet are true to their words - which can be hard to find these days. During the warmer weather we have decided to try the Stratos side.

One thing I did notice was the duvet is a little noisy, the reason being is the duvet has 100% biodegradable filler (125 bottled per king size duvet) and interestingly the duvet biodegrades at the end of life and take roughly two years to almost dissolve when deposited in a landfill. 

Simba have added a QR code on the duvet for easy access to recycling or care advice. There's also another added label at the foot end of the duvet, which helps you know which side is the foot end side. 

The duvet is stiched into squares to help prevent clumping. It is also machine washable, if you have a big enough machine, and wash at a temperature of 40 with mild detergent. You can also tumble dry on low heat. 

Overall, I am very pleased with the duvet. I wake up a few times a night to feed my youngest, and most nights I wake up feeling really clammy and hot. But since sleeping with the Simba Hybrid Duvet, I've not had that feeling at all. You really do feel that all 3 layers work to give you that comfortable night sleep. 

Simba don't only do duvets, they also sell mattress toppers, pillows, beds and Simba mattress too. Which you can find all products on their website. 


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