2nd Pregnancy.

Finding out i was pregnant AGAIN was one huge shock since i was on the pill! I couldn't believe it. Anyway i still couldn't get my head around it until i had the scan. Iwan didn't believe it either, he said he was going to get a pregnancy test from Tesco, he came back with Ovulation Tests!!! hahahah, never laughed so much! He had to go back and change them haha. 
Anyway, weeks past, at week 8 i had a scare so we had an emergency scan at 9 weeks. Everything was ok thank god. When i was around 12 weeks was when we told everyone. We didn't have our next scan until 20 weeks. When we found out we was having a little girl :-).
My pregnancy was quite difficult! I suffered from extreme back-ache which just worsen near the end. I was still working, but went on maternity when i was 30 weeks, i could not stay any longer due to my boss being so awkward and difficult, saying i would have money taken off me by going midwifes etc! Anyway no more about my work, back onto my pregnancy. I started my itching (Obstetric Cholestatis) at around 20-23 weeks this time. Wasn't really bad but then i turned 30 weeks and the itching was unbelivable. I lost alot of sleep with it this time. Then i was in hospital once - twice a week. And on all my tablets all over again! I also suffered with something with my pelvic bones near the end. 
I suffered from Depression in the last 10 weeks also. 

I felt Elliw kick for the first time when i was 13 weeks gone. Me & Iwan couldn't agree on her name until few weeks before she was born. Her name was going to be Cadi or Osian for a boy.

I did love my pregnancy, Found it difficult but it was all really worth it.

(a better picture will come up soon)

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