Letter for Mia. 28th May 2013.

You are 3 years & 5 months old. We took you Swimming yesterday in Llandudno, with Elliw, Iwan, Taid and Sean. Unfortuntley i couldn't go swimming :( but i watched you! & i was so shocked how good you were :-) Everyone says how clever you are for your age. Looking forward until you can start swimming lessons, hopefully soon. You were in the pool for about 2 hours. We went to the car and you threw up all the water you had swollwed! Not nice :(. But you said you had really enjoyed yourself swimming, which im glad. 
After we took you swimming, we took you to McDonalds which you obv enjoyed haha. Then you went into Taid's car with Elliw and we all went to Nain & Taid George's house for a bit! After that we took you & Elliw home for bed. 
Today, We had a lazy morning and waited for Taid & Sean to come over. You played toys with Sean for a while and my god you both didn't stop talking haha. 
We went to Porthmadog and went for a walk in the rain (it wasn't pouring though haha)! You loved it but was shattereed when we were walking back haha. :-).

Write again soon.
Lots of love, Mam x x x

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