Sunday, 19 May 2013

Baby Shopping!

I shop in all kinds of places really! Heres a list of things i usually buy and where from!

Wet Wipes.
I go through around 6 or more wet wipes in a week, that is with changing nappies and wipping faces & hands! So we buy packs or unless we find better offers in single packs.

These are what we usually buy!
They are £4.50 in Asda. 64 wipes in each packet. I think they are really good, they dont dry up quick like most wet wipes.

Huggies Wipes are on offer quite often i think, these are what we get if they are on good offer.

Today i have bought NuMe Morrisons wet wipes. 4 for £3.00. I bought the light fragranced, Fragrance free, Newborn wipes and another light fragranced. I am looking forward to using them to see what they are like!

I buy nappies which are on offer really. Usually they are the Asda ones. I think ive only ever used Morrisons ones once or twice. 
My eldest is still in nappies because she has something wrong with doing her number 2's :( but i usually buy the Disney Pull Ups for her, they are fantastic!


  1. Wow 6 packs of wipes a week lol! We don't even go through 1 I don't think lol!!! Great post xx

  2. Oh its ridiculous you know Kerry! Cant believe how much we go through :( haha x


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