Sleeping Time!

To start of with i have to say my two girls are brilliant at going to bed!
I'll start with Mia's routine first before Elliw came along.
Well Mia is obsessed with my finger! I was a young single mum so yeah Mia was sleeping in bed, i felt sly if she was sleeping in the cot on her own and she loves her cuddles, so i thought she may aswell sleep in my bed with me! She would go down 8pm to bed, and she would hold my finger until she went to sleep, sometimes i would even fall asleep too! 
In the end i wanted her to sleep in her own bed, she was kicking, hitting and so on haha! So thought it was time for her to sleep in her own bed, At around 10 - 11 months she did sleep in her cot straight away at 8pm. She did wake up between 1am - 3 am every single night still until she went to her own bedroom when we moved into our new (old now) house in 2011. Since then she has slept from 8pm until morning. 
When Elliw was born, Elliw was up later than Mia. But once she turned 6-7months that is when Elliw was sleeping ALL night but we put her to bed 7pm and so did Mia! Then slowly we put them to bed at 6.30pm every night now! For a while now Elliw has been waking up every night about 3 am - 4 am but just for milk which isnt bad! And Mia does wake up between 5 am - 7 am but Elliw does sleep in until 8 pm which is good i guess!

I often have people asking me how do i put them into that routine and how did i manage to put Mia from my bed to her bed.

Well the main thing i did really was 'Controlled Crying'. I know alot of people are against that but i think if you know your child is in no pain then i think it's completley fine to do controlled crying or lets just be honest they are going to be so spoilt and think they will get absoloutley everything they want once they sulk/cry/be upset. To be honest i don't want my children to grow up like that. 
When I went to put mia in her own bed from mine it was quite hard tbh! Took me about a week which isnt bad! It could of taken longer, but it was worth it! The first night, up to 6 hours of crying BUT when you do this, you should go check on them every 10 -20 mins to check they havent banged their heads on cot bar and most of all just lie them down and say nothing to them then walk out of the room again. That's what helped me.
So yeah just a few words to remember - 'DO NOT GIVE UP' and 'DO NOT GIVE IN'
In the end it will be good for you AND baby!

With my 2nd child, Elliw, She has never slept in my bed. I learnt my lesson haha.
Every parent like their own bed :-)

Also what i thought that helped was putting them into their own rooms really really really helped!

If anyone would like any help or advice - then please just e-mail me :) 

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