I had to post this! I found a website today and thought it was so cute and such a great idea! I would LOVE twins! a boy & a girl i would like, one of each! But anyway if i had twins then this would be some things i would consider buying :-) But i think some of these will even be ideal for babies who have a bit of a gap too! 

1. Shanticot Twin Cot and Bunk Bed - Birth to 6yrs 
I think this is ideal if you have twins or children with a little gap between them! Especially if you do not have much space! You don't see much of these around! Well i havent anyway! I think its unique and an amazing idea! And whats a really great good point to this is it's from birth up to 6 years which is ideal! and for £560.00 maybe a little pricey but if you got the money then i'd say go for it!

2. Baby Jogger City Select Twin Tandem

Well i had one of these Tandem Prams for my two girls but i had an iCandy Pear, i was so close to buy a baby jogger city select tandem but i needed something a little smaller! So i have no idea what this certain pram is like on buses and other transport. One thing i love about this tandem is how the backseat actually gets a view in the front! and the front seat still gets that view! That's one downer on most tandem prams these days! 

3. Weego Twin Baby Carrier

I think this is ideal! Maybe a little bit to expensive to be honest but i think its ideal if you like to carry your baby/babies on a baby carrier! 

4. Safababy Cot Divider (Twins Co-Sleeping) 

I think this is such a fab idea! If you have the room, and you'd prefer your twins to sleep near eachother but not together then this Cot Divider would be ideal! 


  1. Baby carrying is so easy with strollers. You can hang your baby with your back. Hanging baby with backside will not help you to see perfectly and caring your baby. With baby strollers you can easily your baby without any hassle. You will be ensure about the feelings of your baby.

  2. In 2017 i prefer Dream On Me Violet 7 in 1 Convertible Life Style Crib for my baby. I found it as the best one.


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