You are probably wondering what have i been up to since i was on this last?
Well i have been reading up things how to make my blog look and be better. I have been thinking of new ideas to put up on the blog too! so from today there will be much more things up on this blog!
This is what we have been up to recently!


The weather has been very odd recently! We had a few hot days then a few rainy/cold days!

Well i took the kids to a place to Gypsy Wood, in Bontnewydd.
It was a lovely day there, sun was shining and i had so much fun with the girls and they really enjoyed it too!

This is a part of the train track in Gypsy Wood. Mia absoloutley loved it!

Elliw absoloutley loved going in that car! :-)

Who's the QUEEN of the castle?! :-) MIA IS :D

I really love this 'Castle Play Area' in Gypsy wood! Mia also loved it! 

Yeah, so this is how Elliw decided to crawl on the grass, and she was SPIDER crawling, it was so funny!
I love this photo!

I laughed at this! A goat was stuck in the fence bless!!

My two beautiful girls xx

They were both so tired after today, and i caught the sun on my face! ouch!


  1. Aww looks like you all had a lovely day.

    I really want to take Amelia soon :)


  2. Amelia would love it there Kerry!
    In the summer you, me and the girls should go xx


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