To Elliw Elen Wyn Hughes

To Elliw,
10months old today baby! in 10mins 10months ago you were born and me and your daddy met you for the first time! we were so happy too meet our beautiful baby girl! while i am writting this now, you are fast too sleep all anuggled up in your pram after a walk too shop with mammy (daddy is in the gym). i cant believe how much you have grown! just a couple of days ago you have started to stand up with support. you slowly move your feet whilst atanding with support too! you can say dad, mam, hiya and baba! you recognise peoples voices, you know your own name! you feed yourself now with finger food! you hold your own bottle, sleep all night! and so much more!
you still love you pink soft blankey! and you love watching show me show me and in the night garden, but you just love watch tv anyway :) , you keep youraelf occupied even though u still love quite a bit of attention haha, you never seem to play with your own toya tho haha you love pullin down boxes and especially climbing!
cant believe how much you have grown baby! mia is in her daddys house until tomorrow ao the house is too quiet haha! so then, im gonna go do a bit of cleaning and dishes now :( before you wake up!
speak soon baby,
 all my love, MAM XXX

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