Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Stardust Kids Review

Well today i recived two Gangnam Style Green Dresses from Stardust Kids.

Customer Service -
The customer service was fantastic, quick replies via e-mail. Very polite and easy to talk to.

Delivery -
I was actually really shocked how fast deliver was! They posted on Monday and i had it 9am Tuesday. I was just out the door going to take my daughter to school and there was the post man with the package! I was shocked how fast Delivery was! Fantastic service! 

Product -
Firstly, my daughters absoloutley love Gangnam Style! So they were very happy. Right back onto the product, The material of the dress is fantastic! I've actually not seen any other clothing with such good material! I will deffintley be ordering clothes from this website in the future! 
The dress has lovely frills on the bottom. The material is ideal for winter and summer i would say. Lovely in the summer with no tights. Also great in winter with tights or leggings. The dresses will grow with the child also, will look great with leggings.

They also do Personalised Clothing which is fab! They put all information you need on the website with the product which a big +. They can also gift wrap the item in a black box with ribbon, but you can keep the black box as a keepsake for only £2.99! 
They do Dresses, Tops, T-shirts, Leggings, Shoes, Trousers, Pyjamas! 

Rating -

Comment - 
If you are looking for some good quality, unique clothing for you children then visit http://www.stardustkids.co.uk/

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