Baby Essentials

According to me these are the Baby Essentials! 

1. Babygrows.
You can never get enough of these! These are so cute on babies and toddlers. Baby grows are so adorable on babies to even wear in the day too instead of clothes! 

2. Baby bath.
Every baby needs a baby bath :) Lovely if you have a fire in the living room and let your baby have a bath in front of the nice warm heat. 

3. Bibs.
These are so handy when feeding baby and especially when baby is teething!

4. Blankets.
My eldest was never the one for a blanket, not even when she went to sleep! But my 2nd child, my god she absoloutley LOVES her pink blankey! would be lost without it!

5. Pram.
You cant go anywhere without a pram :-)

6. Baby Carrier.
I think these are so handy if you just wanna pop to the shop quick with baby but cant be bothered getting the pram!

7. Baby bouncer.
Oh i dont know what i would do without my baby bouncers whem my girls were younger! So handy! Except now even my youngest daughter doesnt even sit in the chair anymore haha!

8. Baby vests.

More coming soon.

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