Mia's Birth Story

Friday, December 4th i had a doctors appointment at the hospital around 4pm. I had a lot of stress from a family member (i will not get into that) so when i had my blood pressure taken, it was VERY high & also i had that Obstetric Cholestatis so the doctor told me to phone the labour ward 8am the next morning to be induced. 
I was so nervous and i was so scared! I mean come on, i was 16 years old having my first baby!

The next morning, i made sure my bag was ready next to the door to go. I phoned the labour ward at 8am & they had room for me so i went to labour ward at 9am. 
A midwife came to see me and went through a birthing plan, all i told her really was i wanted no pain relief only gas&air haha! Whilst she was doing that i was on the monitor to make sure baby was ok. At 10am a doctor/midwife came to break my waters. They asked me to go for a walk, so my dad and me took a walk down the corridor in the hospital, down the lift, and i waited by the doors whilst he went to shop quickly! Anyway he came back and we walked back to the labour ward again. When i went back, i was back on the monitor, then was asked to go for another walk about 30 mins later, i only managed to go half way down the corridor until i had to turn back with pains getting stronger. BUT my contractions werent strong enough so i ended up on a drip. All through my labour i was on a monitor and a drip. 
As time went on i was mad on gas n air! The midwife in the end gave me diamorphine, it helped ease the contractions a little bit but not alot. From then really i cant remember much, only that the contractions were going stronger!
But at 7.12pm i gave birth to my beautiful little girl Mia Wyn who weighed 8lbs 8oz on the 5th December 2009. 
Holding her for the first time was absoloutley amazing. No words can describe how i felt holding her the first time! 
Her first visitors were - My nain, taid and brother. & obviously my dad who was my birthing partner.

That is me with my brother and mia

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