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Slimming World

I had my weigh-in yesterday in Slimming World. To be honest i thought i would have either lost 1/2lbs , maintained or gained weight. I did brilliant all week except for the weekend i kind of had a pig out haha! Well i had my weigh-in at 7pm & i lost 1 1/2lbs! I was so shocked and so happy! 
All together now i have lost 10 1/2lbs :-) 

To anyone who thinks that Slimming World is just a group full of old 'fat' people... (i've heard alot say that) Let me just say, i am 20 years old (not old) , all different ages. Yes we are over-weight & we are not happy about our bodies, but atleast we are doing something about it! Slimming World is a GREAT support especially when you stay in group, you meet lovely people! No one judges you. No one laughs at you. We all help each other out. We give eachother ideas for recipes etc!

It is ALL about Food Optimising! But moving/exercising does help alot! Even if it is just cleaning the house, going up & down stairs, walking to the shop, walk to the park with the kids, shopping etc!

Since the weather is so nice, i try to go out for a walk as much as i can, in morning and afternoon! I also try to keep myself on my feet constantly through out the day and only sit down for breakfast, dinner and tea! oh! and if i have a snack in the day. 

When the weather is a bit cr*p try do some sit ups & press ups or still go for a walk/run if you are really determined! 

Slimming World is not one of those very strict diets! You get to eat what you want when you want. Ok obviously there are some foods you can't eat really but it all depends with how much syns you use! You can use 5-15 syns a day.

If you are thinking of joining, then i say, DO IT! :-)

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