Posted by Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Back Too School.

Next week most schools are back to normal! My eldest Mia is starting part-time school 1pm-3pm and this time she is going in her school uniform. I am so excited. I am quite lucky really that her Dad's mother works in a school uniform so they bought her uniform and new school shoes. When they brought them over, i was so excited and just had to try them on her straight away! (Not posting a picture up due to it being a school uniform) But all i can say is - oh my god, so cute! :-)

Can not wait until she starts school now, and so she can be with her friends again! Hopefully i can get a lot of things done in the house too!

Hard to believe that September 2014 she will be in school FULL time! Where has my 8lbs 9oz baby girl gone?! 

Time goes way too fast -

Are your children starting school next week? 

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