Derma H2O Water Wipes Review

I was quite excited too receive these Water Wipes The World's Purest Baby Wipes. These wipes have got 99.9& water and 0.1& Fruit Extract. I wanted too see what was so different between these and normal wet wipes you get from the supermarkets. Well when i used them, i didn't like the feel of the wipes but they were fantastic. I tried to use them for a week on my youngest & eldest. but seeing as they pee & poo so much they lasted a couple of days but i found i used a lot less wipes than normal.
One thing i really liked about this product was Elliw had no sores at all whilst i was using these wipes. 
They are strong wet wipes, so when pulling them out of the packet or cleaning your baby/child they won't rip like some wet wipes do! 
These wet wipes are just like cotton wool and water so they are suitable too use from birth. 
The down fall on these wet wipes is the price as they are one of the most expensive wipes.

*I was not paid too do this review, i was given these products too do an honest review, all opinions are my own nobody elses. 

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