Mias 4th birthday!

Can't believe that in only 4 months Mia will be 4 years old! I really can not believe how fast she is growing up. Might be quite far away but i am already thinking what can i do for her birthday ha ha! For her first birthday i had a small party in the house and i did the same for her 2nd birthday. Her 3rd birthday i booked a place for her birthday with bouncy castle, i am thinking of doing the same thing again, but i'm not 100% sure yet! But i always do a small party for them on the actual day of their birthday if it is in the week! Which only family come down. 
I think this time if i book a place and have a small party at home i will do pictures from when she was born up to her age now. Got the idea from a friend OhSoAmelia (Kerry) when she did it for her gorgeous daughter Amelia's first birthday. I thought it was a great idea and i hope she doesn't mind me doing it for Mia's birthday! 
I've also been thinking on a theme for her birthday, i'll ask her this year but i got a feeling it will either be - Minnie Mouse, Jake and the neverland pirates or Doc McStuffins or maybe something completely different haha! But they are her favourites! I'm going to ask her in September/October so i start ordering things online for it! :-) I can't wait! 
Last year it did cost me over £100 with booking the place with the bouncy castle, the food the presents and luckily her dad and nain bought her the cake (which was delicious)
But i still can't get over how fast my baby girl is growing up! Time does go way too fast. 

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