Review - Radical Reward Chart.

Well i was asked to make a review on an unique Reward Chart from Radical Reward Charts. (Click here.)
I thought this would be an ideal thing to review on especially on my 3 year old daughter as she has very bad tempers where she can hit, kick, spit, bite, and even push her younger sister and she can be very naughty at times not listening but it's her age so most kids her age miss behave. But because she is now on Summer holidays she has been bored and that is when she seems to miss behave. So i thought this was a great product to review.
This product was made by a mum of four and uses this chart on her four children. You get 6 designs too choose from 'Reedy River' , 'Wacky Wildlife' , 'Orrible Ocean' , 'Creepy Crawlies' , 'Grungy Garden' and 'Gruesome Graveyard' I let Mia choose which one she wanted and she chose the 'Reedy River' chart.
Anyway, the chart was posted. One down side i think is the chart was folded up and just posted in a normal envelope which the postman decided to bend to post through my letter box, so the chart was bent when i opened it out!
My daughter was with me when the chart was posted, and as i opened it she was very excited! I talked her through the chart, i told her every time she listens to me first time and every time she behaves she will go up on the chart. 

The thing that goes up on the chart you get a choice on either personalising it or you just have the Radical reward charts icon. I chose to personalise. Mia was very excited with it going up on the wall she even helped me!
The first day of the chart, she even tidied all the toys after me asking her only once! Which she had never done before. She even let me change her nappy with no hassle! 
Some days she didn't want to go up on the chart, she would say she didn't like the animal she was going to be next too, but some days she was fine, as everytime she went up on the chart i let her explain to me what animal it is. She loved that she had a picture of herself to go up though! And she was very excited going to the top for a prize! 
The instructions were very simple and easy to understand.
All charts are £14 and include postage and packaging and a personalised mini figure when ordered. 

Overall i do think it is a good product. I do find £14 a little bit expensive for a reward chart but you can use it over and over again which is does make moneys worth. One thing i think could of been better was the delivery. I think they could of posted it maybe in a tube so it isnt bent when you put it up on the wall. 

* i do not get paid to do reviews. All reviews are with my honest opinions. 

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