Elliw Elens Christening Day.

On the 3rd March 2013 Elliw Elen had her Christening and 1st Birthday Party in one! We thought it would be a lovely idea to have her first party with her Christening as it will be a day to actually remember for us all and the family & friends.
I was so excited! She had 4 God fathers and 3 God mothers! To top it all off, the weather was amazing so it made the day better. We had her christened in a Church in the village i live in. The vicar was very friendly and wasn't one of these 'old boring' vicars, he was entertaining the children and made it fun! Even included the children in the christening.

Mia was in her Dads for the night, and my dad went to pick her up to bring her to the christening, because i had so much to do and prepare in the morning so it would of been easier and better for her to be in her Nains! I chose Mias outfit, from NEXT. The two items came together and was around £27.00, Her shoes was what her Nain had bought her. I got her hair accessories from Claire's and was roughly around £1.99.

Elliws Christening dress was Mias old First Party dress, i thought it was nice that Elliw could wear it again. I love how big it flares out! It's like a real Princess Dress! Her headband, well this took ages to find! Me and my partners mother looked absoloutley everywhere for the perfect headband, and we found one in - Claire's. It was around £2.99 if i remember. Her soft shoes was from Debenhams at only £5.
I decided to change her at her after party because she was moving and crawling and she wouldn't be able to do it in the dress so i thought i would buy her a new outfit just for the after party! This was bought in Next, the dress came with the tights at around £20. The cardigan that she is wearing in the christening and after party was bought in a shop in a place called Llandudno about 20 minutes away from where we live and it was £27.99 but this was also worn on Mia's christening day.

The cake cost us £60 by a brilliant cake maker Star Cakes from Holyhead, Angelsey. Since Mia's Christening i have always been interested in her cakes, they are amazing! I couldn't afford one at Mia's Christening so when we had booked Elliw's Christening i knew straight away where i was going to get my cake from for Elliws Christening/Birthday. She did exactly what i asked. Everyone praised the cake on the day, and everyone said it tasted delicious! Elliw and mia loved it lots!
I chose the white and pink colours because i thought it was girly and nice natural christening cake for a girl, the two tier was nice for a christening and so was the shoes and the stars. The Upsy Daisy and iggle Piggle was more for her birthday as i wanted it to be a mix of a birthday and christening cake.
I couldn't of asked for a better cake for my daughters birthday! Thank you. I would recommend anyone who lives near Star Cakes - to order a cake from her. Click here for Star Cakes Facebook

Yes, Elliw did have a lot of God mothers and God fathers! 
Left - right
Bethan - Iwans Cousin.
Dylan - Iwans Cousin.
Will - Close family friend.
Myra - Close family friend.
Gareth - My Uncle.
Sian - My Aunty.
Nathan - My brother.

I am so glad we chose these to be Elliws God parents. 

Thank you for all the gifts, presents, cards and money Elliw had on her special day, and thank you to everyone who made the effort to turn up for her day.


  1. This is such an interesting story. I've never been pregnant so it's interesting to read about how different the experiences can be even in one person. Was Mia born prematurely? I ask because you had pre-eclampsia. I was myself born premautrely but not due to pre-E (as the preemie community tends to call it).

  2. Oops, commented on the wrong post. This was meant as a comment on your pregnancy story.


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