Learning your babies/toddlers to talk

As we (parents) are the people the child is mostly around, they learn most things of us. They pick up words from us, and we are responsible for learning our children to say their first words and learn to talk! It's very simple how to teach your children to talk, mostly it is communication and joining in with what your child is playing with. 
When the child is playing with toys, go join in with them and tell them what they are playing with, describe what they are playing with (colours, name, size). Here is a few more things that learn your children to speak;

  • Point things out and describe the items.
  • Play games. (letter cards, books etc)
  • When changing nappy count or do ABC.
  • Take your baby/toddler with you to make up a bottle (formula) and count.
It is quite important that they do get taught how to talk, by 2 years of age they should have atleast 20+ words and putting words together. 

Every child goes through a stage where they repeat everything they hear, even from strangers and you wonder where in the world did they get that word from ha ha! It is quite funny sometimes.

I was worried that Elliw wasn't saying much words for her age as what Mia was, but now all of a sudden she is doing so much more! Even copying most things we do (coughing, pulling raspberries etc) it is so funny but so cute! She knows how to do Blow Kiss, started to even sing Twinkle Star by going 'tink tink tink' so adorable!

Back to the point, If you carry on describing things to the child, colours, what it is, what it is for, it will stick into the child's head and they will remember the more they are told! 

Have fun :-) 


  1. Great tips! I need to teach Amelia to say more. Her favourite word is NOOOOOOO lol!!! x

    1. It's so fun learning them to talk haha... Elliws way to say juice is 'Juuuu' haha! But now she will just stick her empty bottle into my hands haha! xx


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