Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Life On Mondays - Catch up post!

I know it is Tuesday today but i've not been well and been full of cold since Saturday and just so tired! So didn't come on here last night plus coming home from Slimming world quite late last night so now i am posting this! 

Life On Mondays is something i do every Mondays (well started last week) where i post a picture with what was happening! 

I've used todays (Tuesday) photo because i didn't take any yesterday! 

Well today has been quite a busy but kind of lazy day at home as usual. Since Mia is in school 1pm-3pm on Monday and Tuesdays and in 11am - 3pm the rest of the week. Monday and Tuesdays are quite lazy - and we just stay home. But today (Monday) as i took Mia too school at 1pm i took Elliw for a walk in the pram up to her Nains ( Grand mothers ) house. But she fell asleep for her nap! and slept most of the time that we were there so me and her Nain just had a catch up really while she was sleeping peacfully in her pram! 
I went to Slimming World 6.45 and i had maintained which i knew was going happen. But this week is a fresh start - and a fresh new me! Day 1 and i already feel great with my new eating plan! 

What have you been up to today (Monday)?

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