Tuesday, 17 September 2013

PretendToBee Monkey Cape Dress Up Review!

We were kindly sent a Monkey Cape Dress Up from PretendToBee. We were given a choice and i let my 3 (nearly 4) year old daughter choose, and of course she chose the Monkey Cape! 

The first thing i absolutely loved about this Cape was how soft it was with the velour material! 

 I waited the next day too show this too my daughter as we were really busy on the day i recieved it, so i hid it in the Dining room! But i was so excited too show her the next day! Ever since she has played with it most days! 

The velcro fastening is very handy with this Monkey Cape! And i love how it is so easy for the child to put on themselves! As most fancy dress costumes it's trouble putting them on. But this one you just put on the head and close the cape with the velcro. Simple! 

Overall - Mia absoloutley loved this product. She has never been the one too dress up in fancy dress clothes - but this one she loves wearing it! Even tries putting it on Elliw but Elliw hates things on her head ha ha! I would really recommend this product for your little monkeys :)! Great gift for Christmas coming up now! 

You can order these Capes here for £11.95.
The sizes are 'One Size' 3-6 years. 
Check our their other product here

* I was not paid too do this review - i was given this product for free to do an honest review - all opinions are my own no - one else's.

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